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 Acupuncture Academy




The Acupuncture Academy was founded in 1995 to offer

professional education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The school is approved by the State of Alabama Department of

Post-Secondary Education to award a certificate in traditional

Chinese Medicine program.  It is the only State-licensed acupuncture

school in the State of Alabama and Georgia.


Objectives of the Academy


        Graduates will be knowledgeable about health care in TCM as well as general Western medicine.

        Graduates will develop competency in treating various diseases from circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune,integumentary (Chinese dermatology), musculo-skeletal, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, sensory, and urinary systems according to the principles and techniques of TCM.

        Graduates will learn how to ethically and appropriately establish, manage, and develop a TCM practice. 

        Medical Qigong & Taiji (Tai-Chi)


Academy Location


Acupuncture Academy LLC


     Location 1

     Metro Medical Associates     

     11379 South Bridge Pkwy
     Alpharetta, GA 30022


Location 2

The Academy is located in the beautiful Bay front city of Daphne, AL.  In 2001, Daphne was voted the "Dreamed City" out of 658 cities across the United States by Internet.  The high employment rate, low crime, safe community and dramatic growth of the city including several shopping centers attract many people to move here.  We are across bay from Mobile, 20 miles down to the Gulf of Mexico beach.


Programs offered


        Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

        Acupuncture Certification Program



For detailed information about programs and

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 Programs          Admissions         Application Form         Regulations


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